Working with a captive agent VS Independent Medicare Broker

Working with a “captive agent”

When you call an 800 number from a TV commercial or maybe from a glossy advertisement you received in the mail, you most likely will speak to a “captive agent” working in a national call center. That means this person can only share with you a plan or two from the company he or she works for. Usually there are dozens of plans from different insurance carriers available in your area. A “captive” agent isn’t going to tell you about all of the other plan providers in your area but we do!

Working with a Licensed Medicare Broker

The advantage of working with a licensed Medicare Broker is you get to receive rate and plan information on ALL of the national insurance carriers, not just one or two. These days there are too many options available to just settle on one plan without checking all your options. A perfect example is the insurance companies that offer Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans all charge different premiums for the exact SAME coverage. Medigap plans are “Standardized” by the federal government. For example, a Plan G from ABC Insurance Company has to be EXACTLY the same coverage as Plan G from XYZ Insurance Company. So why pay more for the EXACT same Medigap plan when you don’t have to? That’s a waste of money! (See Medigap plan chart HERE).

In addition, captive agents are often pressured to meet call center metrics. That means they have to take as many calls and close as many “first call sales” per day as possible. This can be a very “high pressure and rushed” experience they put you through to try and sell you their insurance plan on the first call.

Rather than calling 15 different insurance companies, getting put on hold, bounced around and getting the run-around and pressured to “buy now”, we make it EASY by providing ALL of the Carrier plan rate and options available to you on one call. We take the “hassle” out of Medicare shopping. At True Help Medicare, we help you by answering your questions, carefully explaining Medicare, assessing your needs and offering you multiple options and letting you decide what’s best for you and your budget. We don’t “sell” Medicare plans, we provide you options and education and let you choose what’s right for YOU! Please contact us for a free no-obligation Medicare quote, you’ll be glad you did! We look forward to being your Trusted Advisor and Truly Helping you!

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