Medigap Plan G and Plan N are very popular right now because of the comprehensive coverage each plan offers. (Medigap plans are “Standardized” among ALL insurance companies). The only difference is the price.

As you can see in the chart, Plan G and Plan N are identical except the less expansive Plan N has doctor visit copay of “up to” $20 ($50 copay for Hospital ER “only if not admitted”) and does not cover “Part B excess charges”. Excess charges are very rare. Most providers (over 90%) accept “Medicare Assignment”, which means they accept the rates established by Medicare for Part B medical services. In the rare case the provider does not accept “Medicare Assignment” rates, then provider has the right to bill 15% higher than the normal “Medicare Assignment” rate. Example: If the Medicare Assignment allowed rate is $100, the provider could bill $115. In this example, Medicare would pay 80% of the $100, and your Medigap plan would pay 20% of the $100 and you would pay the extra $15. You can always find out ahead of time if the provider does not accept “Medicare Assignment”.

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