The celebrity endorsed Medicare commercials are often confusing and misleading.

Q. Are these actual insurance companies running these ads?

A. No. The majority of the commercials are from marketing or lead generation companies who sell the callers information to insurance sales agents.

Q. What does “Adding money back to your Social Security every single month” mean?

A. Some Medicare Advantage plans offer a “Part B Giveback” (also known as a Part B Reduction). This benefit reduces your Part B Premium. The current Standard Part B premium for 2023 is $164.90 per month (* for most people). For example, if your Medicare Advantage plan offers a $50 Part B Giveback/Reduction, the new amount Medicare will charge for your Part B premium is $114.90 per month, because it is being reduced by $50 by your Medicare Advantage plan benefit.

Q. What does “I called to check my zip code” mean?

A. Medicare Advantage plans are based on specific Service Areas. Licensed insurance agents need to check your zip code to see which carriers have plans available in your area. Medicare Supplement Insurance plans (Medigap) also vary by zip code.

Q. What does a Part C plan with Extra benefits mean?

A. “Part C” is simply another name for Medicare Advantage. Most Medicare Advantage plans include extra benefits for routine dental, vision, hearing and other things like gym memberships and OTC (over-the-counter) allowance for non-prescription pharmacy items.

Please call and speak with a licensed insurance agent for clarity on these confusing commercials

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