How does your current plan COMPARE?

It is important to shop and compare your Medicare Advantage plan each year!

Medicare Advantage plans often feature:

Insurance carriers often have several Medicare
Advantage plans available to choose from in your county.
Your current carrier may have another plan with richer
benefits than your current plan. You would have no way of knowing if you are receiving the most valuable benefits
unless you shop and compare your Medicare Advantage
plan each year.

  • $0 Monthly premium
  • $0 Medical deductible
  • $0 Prescription drug deductible
  • $0 Primary care copay
  • $0 prescription copays for Tier 1
  • $0 copay annual physical
  • Preventative and comprehensive dental allowance
  • Eyewear allowance for contacts, frames, lenses
  • Hearing-aid allowance each year
  • Over-the-Counter credits (vitamins, supplements, cold remedies and sometimes healthy foods)
  • $0 copay fitness membership
  • $0 copay transportation to doctor’s appointments
  • Some plans may have a Part B Giveback (Part B Reduction) to your Social Security each month.

Please call and speak with a licensed insurance agent
about the plans and benefits available in your zip code.

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