Hospital Indemnity Plans

What is a Hospital Indemnity Insurance Plan?

Hospital indemnity insurance is coverage you can add to your existing health insurance plan. This supplemental insurance that pays you a predetermined cash benefit amount per day for each hospital confinement. They usually pay you this daily benefit amount for up to a year.

A hospital stay can be traumatic — to your health, your wallet, and your family. Even if you have additional medical insurance, you will most likely have costs that aren’t covered. That’s when a Hospital Indemnity insurance plan can provide you with supplemental cash benefits to use as needed.

** IMPORTANT ** Most Medicare Advantage plans require a copay for at least Days 1 – 5 for a hospital inpatient stay, often as high as $390 per day copay. A “Hospital Indemnity” plan is a perfect supplemental option to help fill this gap in Medicare Advantage plans.

Below are typical examples of hospital Inpatient “per day charges” that a Medicare Advantage plan may charge:

For approximately $20 per month a 65 year old can usually get Hospital Inpatient days 1-7 copay covered with a Hospital Indemnity plan

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Issue ages 18 – 89

Issue ages in Colorado 65-85
(varies in other states)
Guarantee Issue ages 64.5 – 65.5
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Sample: 65 yr. old female $250/day for 7 days – Premium approx. $16/mo.
Issue ages 45 – 84
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