Cancer Plans

Why is it important to consider a Cancer Plan in addition to your Medicare or other health insurance if you’re under 65?

The highest costs associated with cancer is the chemotherapy and radiation treatments. With Medicare Advantage, the plans typically pay 80% of those costs leaving you to pay 20%. The 20% can add up quickly and be very expensive!

Many insurance companies offer “First Diagnosis Cancer insurance”. This is a lump-sum CASH benefit (typically ranges from $5,000 – $75,000), that not only provides you additional cash to help with copays and coinsurance (the 20% associated with Medicare Advantage plans), but also money that you can use on other expenses associated with the cancer impacting you and your family for things such as:

* Additional out-of-pocket expenses when you choose a provider “outside” of your plan network in a PPO plan
* Help with “no limit” prescription drug costs for expensive cancer medications. Even the 5% catastrophic stage can add up quickly!
* Travel expenses: lodging, food, gas, while traveling out-of-state to a Cancer Clinic (i.e. MD Anderson, Houston, TX)
* Experimental treatments
* Hair pieces
* Special-diet meals
* Expensive cancer drugs that your drug plan doesn’t fully cover (particularly during the coverage gap of 25%)
* Lifestyle: Lost income, rent, groceries, home goods, childcare, pet care
* Debts: Mortgage, student loans, personal liabilities, or business obligations

Typical estimate on $20,000 Lump Sum Cash Cancer plan:
65 female, non-tobacco in Colorado: approximately $37-$49 per month.

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